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This isn't "woo woo" mindfulness. it's practical mindfulness. watch the video to learn more.

UnBlocks demonstrating reframing exercise for the Build Happiness Program by Build Happiness Today.

“This program is like a mini-quest. It's a way to take the sacred journey into yourself. It teaches you how to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings, and how to CHOOSE what you want to feel. I wish I'd had a tool like this when I was a therapist!”

~Phil, Age 80

"Thanks for the book, the blocks, and the inspiration. I should be able to incorporate some of this into our 'hope modules' for the refugee camps I'm working with in Greece.”  ~Allen

what happens when you do the exercises with UNBLOCKs™?


In day-to-day life, the Emotional Mind:

  • Judges people and situations in less than a tenth of a second.
  • Reacts according to what's happened in the past—NOT the present!
  • Goes directly to negative experiences, because they're more highly charged emotionally and easier to access.
  • Makes it hard to change, because the way you think, feel, and react is a deeply engrained habit.

BUT by writing on and manipulating the UnBlocks™, you engage the Rational Mind and the Emotional Mind in the same process. The Rational Mind comes alert and pays attention. The Emotional Mind steps back to make room for more thoughtful analysis.

You gain perspective from this act, so you can DECIDE what you want to feel, think, say, and do—not just in your mind, but in physical space.

The UnBlock™ Exercises give you practice ACTING on what you've decided instead of REACTING to something as if it contains every bad thing that's ever happened to you.

​This rehearsal then helps create a new habit of bringing your two minds together so you can become MINDFUL in any given situation. 

The habit of mindfulness, practiced in physical space DISRUPTS your lifelong habits and DEVELOPS new ones. Healthy ones.

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what's included in the Happiness builder program?

The Happiness Builder Program comes with:

  • Build Happiness: Block-Based Exercises to Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life

  • ​6 hand-crafted, writeable, washable UNBLOCKS™ 

  • Bistro Chalk Marker

  • "Magic" Eraser

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The happiness builder program is the difference between Reading & doing.

when you put your thoughts on a physical object, it’s no longer passive learning. It’s practice for real life.

Because we are the ones who make ourselves unhappy, we are also the ones who can make ourselves happy. 

Tower of UnBlocks in an exercise from the Build Happiness Program by Build Happiness Today.
UnBlocks demonstrating responding instead of reacting exercise for the Build Happiness Program by Build Happiness Today.


​"The Happiness Builder Program is great for anyone looking to make a small or big change in his or her life for the better. Wherever you are in your life or whatever part of yourself you find the need to work on, this program has it. Each chapter of the book and the UnBlock exercises is designed to help with different issues we go through or need work on.

"The book and the UnBlocks™ work like two pieces of a puzzle. The book provides the step-by-step guidance everyone looks for or is missing in the search for happiness, while the UnBlocks helps us take action in making the right changes in our life. 

"Not only has this program provided me with a different perspective of my life and the importance of the time I need to take for my personal growth, but also it has helped me provide the right insights to my friends that are going through tough times. My friend told me that he felt instantly better after I listened to his issues and provided him with a positive and honest opinion to how he should view himself and be grateful for many things in his life, which I received help from in 'Chapter 49: Permission to Accept Where and Who You Are, Right Now.'”

~Emerald, Age 26