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Happiness is the ability to move through negative feelings and situations quickly, and restore emotional and spiritual balance. 

my Mission

 To be a channel for God's healing, love, and grace.

It doesn't matter to me how you define God, or your Higher Power, or if you're an agnostic or an atheist. I believe that each of us can be a channel for healing love, and my personal quest is to help you overcome whatever is standing between you and a joyful heart.


02. To bring out the best in everyone I meet.

We all want to be better people. But sometimes we lose sight of how to do that. My goal is to turn your eyes toward anything that's blocking you, and help you unblock it so you awaken your best self.


03. To reflect the light and goodness in others.

Sometimes our lives are so clouded by our experiences that we lose touch with how truly wonderful we are. I aim to show you that YOU ARE AMAZING! It's my joy to help you see and feel the light within you.

  • ​​"Thank you, Marcy, for bringing another one of your pearls of wisdom to my attention. I feel as if I'm becoming a better​ person because of the important issues you raise, that affect all of our interactions on a day to day basis. You're the good conscience o which we all need to adhere, in order to make this a more pleasant environment in which to live, love, work, and play.  ~Terry

​"The Happiness Builder Program is providing a great tool for me in my time of self-growth and recovery.​ The language you use is so accessible, and you provide so many examples from such a wide range of disciplines, there's always something I can relate to. 

I'm working with the UnBlock exercises every day. I've reread several passages that are the exact thing I'm dealing with. THANK YOU!" ~Jaret, 45​

In the corporate phase of my life, I was Sr. Director of Content for The Great Courses. In this role I worked with luminaries such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and internationally acclaimed photographer Joel Sartore of National Geographic.​

my professional story

I wake up happy and grateful, and I fall asleep the same way. 


It wasn't always this way. I remember many times waking up in the night, looking at the stars, and feeling utter, gut-wrenching despair. 

Now if I wake in the night, I look at the stars and feel delight and wonder. But let me retrace my steps to this new way of living.

In 2014 I took action to shake up my life, after years of trying to convince myself that the path I was on would eventually become more bearable. I left my job and spent two months helping my critically ill parents. Then I spent 10 months traveling around the West, recovering from too many 60- to 90-hour work weeks.

I visited friends and family, and I took housesitting “jobs” so that I could try living in different parts of the country. Anything to extend the time I needed to replenish my inner well, which had run dry. Bone dry.

On a drive from Colorado to New Mexico, I asked myself:

  • Can you really change?

  • Can you be happy every day, in some way?

  • Can you DECIDE to be happy?"

The answer to ALL these questions is YES.​ I realized that you CAN change. You CAN be happier on a regular basis. You CAN shift your mindset so that you choose happiness. DAILY.

I realized that whether I was happy or not had nothing to do with other people but everything to do with me. It was MY attitude that made the difference. 

That sounds easy, right? But changing my attitude, or even knowing what it was, wasn't as simple as recognizing that I needed to start there if I was going to be happy. 

To move from understanding this approach intellectually and truly getting it with my whole being, I wrote the book, created the UnBlocks™, and developed the Happiness Builder Program. It provided me—and now you—a way to:

  • SEE what you're thinking,

  • REALIZE how you're hurting yourself, and to

  • HELP you let go of the emotions—hurt, anger, fear, and so forth—that keep you living in unhappiness, keep you stressed, and keep you from living in serenity.

The UnBlocks™ and the accompanying exercises worked for me. I hope they work for you.

I've also written A Kid Meets the Kid: A Ted Williams Novel and Writing: The Bridge Between Us. I've got more than 30 years of experience as a writer.

In addition to deep writing experience, I bring a lifetime of listening to the challenges facing friends and associates, and sorting out out their inner tangles.

I live with my son and his family on our avocado and fruit ranch, where we grow our produce and ourselves sustainably and joyfully.​

Marcy McDonald, creator of the Happiness Builder Program for Build Happiness Today, smiling in front of sunflowers.
A Kid Meets "The Kid": A Ted Williams Novel by Marcy McDonald.

Being able to dwell deeply in the present moment and feel truly alive is how I define happiness.

How do YOU define it?

Working with highly esteemed subject matter experts, in addition to crafting effective partnerships with organizations such as Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, and Culinary Institute of America, taught me how to bring out the best in just about everyone. I first began developing the concept of "Practical Mindfulness" in this role. Now I'm excited to apply that deep coaching experience to those using the Happiness Builder Program.

Photo of Marcy McDonald in the garden, taking a break from projects for Build Happiness Today.

​​​I've been called "a leading force in drawing out and guiding hundreds of the best minds in the world" to create video courses—from top university professors to leaders in the world of business, from acclaimed chefs to award-winning authors, from cutting-edge scientists to masters of their fields.

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