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“UnBlocks™ helped me step out of my Emotional Mind and into my Rational Mind by giving me hands-on exercises to be conscious of my thinking and emotional patterns. The program helped me get everything from the inside, out.”

~Chloe, Age 26

Change your perspective, Change your life.

We're hardwired to resist change. Our brains have an "Emotional Mind" and a "Rational Mind." Using UnBlocks™ helps balance the two so change becomes possible. I call this "Practical Mindfulness."

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UNBLOCKS™ are 3D blocks that you write on and build with to create new, positive neural pathways for a new, happier life.

Man holds UnBlocks to demonstrate how they're used in an exercise.
Head shot of Chloe in a tree, giving a review of the Happiness Builder Program.
Sarah giving a review of the Happiness Builder Program by Build Happiness Today.

writing on UNBLOCKS™ is more powerful than writing in a journal

You engage differently with a 3-D surface. You SEE what you're feeling in physical space and DISCOVER insights & connections you need to reinvent yourself.

"I initially got the Build Happiness program to use with my nutrition coaching clients because I believed the exercises would help them. I was able to help them get a hold of their stress eating and learn to cope with daily stress.

"What I didn't expect was that this program would help me too. I found myself on my very own happiness journey and it has changed my life!" ~Claire, Age 43

"I love keeping my UnBlocks™ where they remind me daily what I'm working on. They're helping me SEE myself more clearly, and I'm growing so much as a result."

~Sarah, Age 53